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Campion College is a prominent, high ranking co educational Jesuit high school in Kingston, Jamaica known for its outstanding academic and sporting contributions to the island and the world. Since its inception over 50 years ago, Campion has risen from obscurity to become the leading high school in Jamaica and one of the finest in the Caribbean. It is referred to as a “First Choice” school because for the past 30 years,students assigned to the institution represent the top 3% of the cohort. Some things haven’t changed over the years: the provision of a world-class education, the formation of deep and lasting friendships, and the Jesuit spiritual foundation to become “men and women of compassion, conscience and action.” Campion’s students have been awarded numerous national and international scholarships including, the Jamaican Government Scholarships, UWI Scholarships and the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships.

Campion College has consistently won the trophies for the top school in both the CSEC and CAPE examinations at the CXC National Awards Ceremony put on by the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools. These trophies were introduced in 2003 and Campion took the CSEC trophy from Immaculate Conception High School in 2005 and has held it since. It is noteworthy that Campion College has held the top CAPE trophy from 2003, the year when we just began to enter students for a few subjects, and have won it each year since with the exception of 2007.

At the National CXC Award Ceremony Campion students each year receive innumerable awards for placing amongst the top three in the island for various CSEC and CAPE subjects. In 2008 our students took 21 of the top 3 positions in the CSEC examinations and 27 of the top 3 positions in the CAPE examinations. By the following year 2009 there was a significant increase in the number of students awarded the top 3 positions, with 35 students taking top positions in the CSEC examinations and 47 students in the CAPE examinations – an increase of 66.7% and 74%, respectively. Campion College had more students placed in the top ten performers listing for CSEC and CAPE in each subject than any other school in the Caribbean in 2010. In 2012, Campionites placed first in the island in nine subjects at CSEC and seven at CAPE. Campionites also placed in the Caribbean’s top 10 in eleven subjects at CSEC and twelve at CAPE taking home both the CSEC and the CAPE trophies for Top School in Jamaica for 2013!