2021-2022 Academic Year


    First Form Supervisor: Mrs. T. Myrie-Jones
    1-1 Gonzales, M
    1-2 Barrett, A
    1-3 Deacon-Jones, D
    1-4 Gordon, D
    1-5 Haughton, C
    1-6 Davis-Blake, K
    1-8 Bartlett, M

    Second Form Supervisor: Mrs. P. Smith
    1-1 Abrahams-Beckford, K
    1-2 Harris-Burrell, R
    1-3 Barnett, N
    1-4 Julian, R
    1-5 Williams, B
    1-6 Davis, C
    1-8 Haughton, R

    Third Form Supervisor: Mrs. P. Kirby
    1-1 Crossman, L
    1-2 Dixon-Harris, A
    1-3 Smith, L
    1-4 Dunn, K
    1-5 Soutar, C
    1-6 Sayles, S
    1-8 Lynch, A

    Fourth Form Supervisor: Mrs. K. Jones
    1-1 Burnett, B
    1-2 Chin-Bartley, K
    1-3 Meeks, M
    1-4 Watson, S
    1-5 Hibbert, O
    1-6 Holdsworth-McKenzie, C
    1-8 Allen-Pearson, C

    Fifth Form Supervisor: Mrs. L. James-Dobson
    1-1 Spencer, A
    1-2 Collins, J
    1-3 Walker, D
    1-4 Rampair, G
    1-5 Morrison, K
    1-6 Wilkins, N
    1-8 Reid-Neil, C

    Sixth Form Supervisor: Mrs. S. Kenny-Folkes
    6B Webster, C
    6A Chintersingh, N

  • Info.Tech./Comp.Sci/Tech. Drawing
    HEAD: Mr. O. Hibbert
    Mr. S. Adamson
    Mr. C. Brown
    Ms. T. Copeland
    Mr. C. Davis
    Mr. A. Green
    Mr. L. Henry
    Mrs. K. Morrison
    Mr. J. Rambana
    Mr. C. Soutar
    Mr. J. Tulloch
    Mr. C. Willis
  • Mathematics
    HEAD: Miss D Atkinson Brown
    Mr. K. Chin
    Mr. C. Davis
    Mr. J. Foster
    Mrs. K. Jones
    Mrs. S. Kenny-Bennett
    Miss K. Miller
    Mrs. K. Morrison
    Miss T. Smith

  • Modern Languages
    HEAD: Mrs. C. Allen-Pearson
    Miss M. Aarons
    Mr. R. Campbell
    Mrs. T. Myrie-Jones
    Ms. C. Pinnock
    Mrs. C. Reid-Neil
    Ms. L. Smith
    Mrs R. Wray-Cooke
  • Art/Music/Drama
    Miss A. Lynch
    Miss K. Armstrong
    Mr. N. Barrett
    Ms. P. Henry-Blake
  • Physical Education
    HEAD:Ms. S. Barton
    Ms. N. Barrett
    Mr. D. Reid
  • Sciences
    HEAD: Mr. I. Miller
    Ms. E. Barracks
    Mr. B. Burnett
    Miss A. Frazer
    Mr. S. Gilbert
    Ms. R. Harris
    Mr. D. Henry
    Mr. C. Levy
    Ms. A. Matheison
    Ms. M. Peterkin
    Miss S. Spence
    Miss K. Stewart
  • Business
    HEAD:Mrs. D. Harris
    Ms. S. Brown
    Mr. A. Edwards
    Miss P. Morris
    Mr. D. Wright
  • Christian Living
    HEAD: Mrs. I. Robinson
    Miss A. Bowen
    Mr. D. Foster
    Mr. M. Silvera
  • English
    HEAD: Mrs. G. Rampair
    Miss E. Alexander
    Miss K. Chin
    Ms. N. Chintersingh
    Mrs. D. Fong-Kong Graham
    Ms. C. Haughton
    Miss C. Holdsworth-McKenzie
    Ms. R. Julian
    Ms. M. Prescott
    Mrs. A. Spencer
  • Guidance
    HEAD: Miss D. Rose
    Ms. Y. Lee
  • Geography/History/Sociology/Law
    HEAD: Mrs. A. Hay
    Ms. S. Bullens
    Mrs. D. Deacon-Jones
    Ms. K. Ferguson
    Miss K. Henry
    Ms. S. Hinds
    Mrs. L. James-Dobson
    Ms. R. Shields-Thomas
    Mr. E. Simpson
    Mrs. V. Taylor-Smellie

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To see a teacher outside of these hours, please make an appointment with the Staff House Secretary, Mrs Pearson at 927-6446.