On graduating from Campion College one may receive (a) a diploma or (b) a school-leaving certificate.

To obtain a Diploma a student must:

  • have achieved a satisfactory level of academic performance
  • have maintained a good attendance record and where legitimately absent from school, the necessary written excuses given to the Supervisor
  • have a satisfactory conduct record
  • be present for all external examinations
  • be involved in at least one two co-curricular activities in school, one of which is a sport
A School Leaving Certificate is given to those students who have completed the course of study, but who do not fulfill any of the above criteria.

In extreme cases of misconduct the student may be asked not to attend the graduation ceremony and receive neither a certificate nor a diploma.

At the end of Sixth Form a Sixth Form Certificate is given to those students who have completed the prescribed Advanced Level Course of study and who have also fulfilled the above criteria.

Selection for Sixth Form is an electronic process and is done online. The detail of the actual process may change from time to time and information is posted online near to the date for the opening of the application process.

To qualify for Sixth Form, the following must be true of Fifth Formers:

Entry to sixth form is very competitive, as approximately 200 – 220 Campion graduates will be competing for the available 160 places in 6B. Each fifth former therefore needs to be aware of the criteria that is used in the selection process. The successful graduates will be those who can meet the following criteria to a high degree.

  • In the first term of Fifth Form, students should earn teacher recommendations for all eight CXC subjects – or seven or six in descending order of merit.
  • Throughout the Fifth Form year, students should maintain a passing grade in all eight CXC subjects – or seven or six in descending order of merit.
  • Ideally, in the CXC exam, students should pass all eight or seven subjects and achieve Grade I (General) in four or more subjects.
  • Ideally, in the CXC exam, students should achieve Grade I (General) in at least two (preferably all three) of the three subjects which they plan to pursue at the Advanced Level, and should pass both English A and Mathematics.
  • Students must be recommended by their teachers as being capable of coping with the sixth form lifestyle and ‘A’ level work.
  • Ideally, students should have shown ongoing involvement in one or more of the school’s organized co-curricular activities – whether those which benefit mainly self or school (e.g. various sports and clubs such as Chess, Debating, etc.) or those which benefit mainly others in our society (e.g. our various service-oriented organizations).
  • Students should have a good conduct record up to the time of their graduation – or – if they have been guilty of any punishable misdemeanours, they should have demonstrated subsequent improvement in conduct.
  • Students should have demonstrated clear respect for authority, for their teachers, for their school-mates, for the school rules and for the school property.