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The Guidance and Counselling Department is housed in the Rosalyn Hall building, which is renowned for its architectural importance and is a landmark in the community.

This multifaceted department is staffed by talented and dedicated counsellors. There are two Guidance Counsellors and a College and Career Counsellor. With this team we are able to support our students on their journey towards a successful future.

Department Vision Statement
The Campion College Guidance and Counselling Department provides a proactive guidance programme through a wide range of counselling, teaching and support services that focuses on academic, career and personal and community growth, which allows the individual and in turn society to become the best that they can be.


  • The primary goal is to guide and support students as they navigate through the adolescent years to self-discovery, value formation and to becoming positive contributors to society.
  • To assist students in valuing integrity, honesty, determination, pro-activity, persistence and excellence in their actions and thoughts.
  • To provide counselling services, advocating for the student’s well-being, external referrals for outside needs, and student welfare services.
  • To assist students with college and career counselling services searches and applications
  • To form alliances with the HSA and parents, the alumni and other stakeholders to support the work of the department

Services offered by the Department

  • Personal Development Classes:
  • Personal Development classes are taught at each grade level.

  • General Counselling Services:
  • These services are offered to students, parents/guardians as well as all staff members. Depending on the nature of the problem, timely referrals may be made to external professionals.

  • The Vision 2020 Support Programme:
  • This Programme offers assistance to financially-challenged students and includes scholarships and grants based on academic performance, deportment and behaviour, as well as assistance with lunch and transportation as needed. Interested students and their parents/guardians should contact the Department for further information on how to apply. For information on how to donate to this Programme, please visit Support Campion.

  • The Breakfast Club:
  • Open to all students, this club is in keeping with our Jesuit foundation philosophy of working together as a community to the benefit of others.
  • The Mentorship Programme:
  • Project MADE was established to offer students with additional emotional support and accountability.

  • The Peer-Counselling Club:
  • Peer influence is one of the best methods of organizing and utilizing the resources of students and their ability to help others become more successful in the school setting. Trained students work with the department helping in times of crisis as well as at seminars and fairs.

  • Seminars and Fairs:
  • Each academic year various seminars are hosted in an effort to disseminate information to parents/guardians and students.  The Department works with the students from the day they enter until they graduate. Some of the programmes and activities that they will be exposed to include: The Get Started Programme which is a pre-orientation for First Formers; Career Day for third formers; and College and Career Talk Series for those matriculating to other institutions. Parents and guardians are exposed to topical, relevant childrearing issues through our seminars and workshops. The school is also a site for the Readak programme, which is held every two years.

  • College Counselling:
  • Information and advice on college selection and preparation is also a part of the Department’s range of services to students. Campion is a test centre for the ACT Centre and SAT examinations. Interested individuals who would like to register to take the SAT at Campion College should visit the College Board website and those interested in ACT should register online at

Important Dates on the Department Calendar


August Get Started
September – November College Talk Series
October Check-in (First Form Parents)
November Parents Seminar
February Careers’ Day
May Parents Seminar
June Parents Seminar (Fourth Form)