Father Joseph McWade Sixth Form Scholarship

Application – Submit OnlineRight-click here to download

  • General Information
    • Each candidate should complete one copy of this form and submit together with supporting documents to the
      Main Office, Campion College.
    • Copies of the application form may be obtained from the Main Office, Campion College.
    • Applicants will be required to attend an interview.
  • Supporting Documents
    • One Character Reference from a personal/family friend
    • One Academic Reference from a teacher who has taught the candidate within the last two years
    • Certified Copies of any educational certificates/diplomas obtained (e.g. CXC results)
    • Documentation of any co-curricular activities undertaken while at Campion College
    • Valid evidence of acceptance to Campion College sixth form
    • A statement clearly outlining why you are applying for assistance and how you plan on giving back to Campion College
  • Conditions
    Candidates should be:
    • Graduates of Campion College 5th form
    • Outstanding Campionites who have exemplified the ideals of the school by exhibiting good citizenship with at least two (2) co-curricular activities and an excellent conduct record
    • Persons who demonstrate academic potential and the ability to benefit from the award at least 5 CSEC (CXC) passes
    • Candidates will be required to give service to Campion College Alumni Association. This may take the form of coaching, assistance with co-curricular activities, mentoring, volunteering with fundraising activities etc.
    • The Scholarship award is valid for the academic year immediately following the offer of the award and can only be deferred at the discretion of the awards committee.
    • Should the candidate be successful in obtaining a scholarship from another source, the awards committee should be notified for a decision to be taken regarding continuance of this award.
    • The scholarship is subject to review on an annual basis. Renewal of the scholarship each academic year is contingent on the candidate remaining in good academic standing and giving documented evidence of the same.
    • The Award will be tenable at a Campion College
    • All scholarships/awards will be determined at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
    • The value of the scholarship shall be J$150,000 per annum over two years
  • Composition of Scholarship and Awards Committee
    • Principal
    • Dean of Studies
    • Sixth Form Supervisor
    • Two representatives of the Campion College Alumni Association Board of Directors