Clubs/sports Location Directory 2012-13

AUDITORIUM Dance Dance (Stage) Dance (Stage) Dance (stage) Interact
(Main Floor) (Mezzanine Floor
Badminton (Main Student Council Badminton (CBA) upstairs)
Capoeira Floor) (Mezzanine floor
(Stage) Upstairs Hockey Table Tennis
Table Tennis (Main floor) (Main Floor)
(Main Floor)
GYM Bollywood Karate (Padded floor @ Dance Karate Dance
(Open space) 3:15pm) (Padded floor) (Padded floor till (Padded floor @
4:30pm) 3:15pm)
Drama Dance (Padded floor @ Bollywood
(Padded floor) 4:30) (Open space) Dance
CLASSROOMS Student Voice (Rm 12) Floetics (Pagoda) Duke of Edinburgh Chess (Rm 12) Astronomy (Rm 7)
Readers (Rm 8) Octagon (Rm 13) (Rm 7) Photography Key Club (Science
Aeronautics (Rm 9) Red Cross (Rm 9) Flower Club (Rm 10) Club(Rm 13) class between
Debating School Magazine Green Sign Language Labs)
(Rm 7) (Rm 12) Generation(Rm 13) (Rm 14) Media Production
Football Fan Club (Rm 13) YES (Rm 10) Animal Kingdom United Nations (Rm 8)
Girl Guides (Rm 14) Cultural Connection (Pagoda or Duck (15) Lifesaver Health
ISCF (Rm 15) (Rm 8) Pond) Team (Rm 15)
Medics (Rm 17) We Care (Rm 14) Gourmet(Rm 8) School Challenge
Peer Counselling (Rm 16) Science(Rm 9) Quiz (Rm 9)
Modern Language (10) Fashion by
Design(Rm 12)
SFA(6th Form
FIELD/COURTS/POOL Hockey Cricket Netball Track and Field Basketball
Football Rugby Cricket Cricket Cricket
Track and Field Volleyball Football Rugby Netball
Netball Water Polo Hockey Swimming
Synchro Swim Football Track and Field Synchro Swim
141″> 144″>


128″>Track and Field 116″> 104″>Volleyball 109″>
Basketball Water Polo
OTHER – AV Lego Yuh Mind Film Makers Art Chords CLC
ROOM/LIBRARY/MUSIC (Reading Room – Library) (AV Room) (Senior Art Room) (Music) (Chapel)
School Challenge Quiz Steelband/Musicans Film Makers
(AV Room) Band (AV Room)
(Music Room)
Computer Media
Club (Computer Lab)
School Challenge
Quiz (AV Room)
OFF CAMPUS Ministry Outreach
(off Campus)