Achieving excellence through sports and community service, shaping its students to create a better Jamaica.

Campion College is a co-educational Jesuit high school that is committed to building a world characterized by social justice, love and respect for the dignity of every person. Focus is placed on each student achieving his/her maximum potential, to grow intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually, to make wise decisions, and to work co-operatively with peers and teachers, so as to develop as a confident, critically-conscious and useful citizen who will shape a more just society. It is on this basis that the Manning Cup team has decided to embark on a nationwide campaign of community service in schools.
ManningcupCharles and David repairing bed at MotP home.jpg
Campion College Manning Cup (and Colts) football teams have been participating in regular community service activities, in keeping with the high school’s main focus. The coaching staff has taken the view that community service plays vital roles in youngsters’ lives; encouraging civic responsibility; promoting self-efficacy – everyone can make a difference; fostering empathy – understanding community needs; strengthening communities by investing in the people who live in them; teaching youngsters about themselves, discovering hidden talents that may change their view on self-worth; cementing the importance of giving back and promoting personal growth and self esteem.

The most recent such activity took the form of a visit to the Missionaries of the Poor, where they visited with and assisted in caring for orphans, persons with special needs, persons with the AIDS virus and the elderly.

The coaches and team members have decided upon a more aggressive approach to community service and have taken on the charge to encourage the football teams in other schools, to give back to Jamaica through service as well as informing them of the issues and needs of the young, old and impoverished in our nation. They believe that generations past have failed to cultivate in Jamaican youth an attitude of community and service, which is in part what has led to the break down in the attitudes and values in our society.
ManningcupChris Francis feeding bed-ridden boy 2.JPGThis programme will be spearheaded by the 6th form Manning Cup team members, in the 2011 – 2012 academic school year, with the assistance of Mr. Brian Phillpotts-Brown, Director of Sports and Head Coach of the Manning Cup team at Campion College and Mr. Carrington Hartley, Assistant Coach and Communication Officer.