Schedule Of Extra-curricular Activities For 2012-2013

This is a temporary list that would be update at the start of each term.

AERONAUTICAL CLUB Mrs. Green Brittany Monday 3:10 – 4:15 Room 9
    Ffrench pm  
ANIMAL KINGDOM Mrs. P. Kirby Jade Li Harris Wednesday 3:10 – Duck Pond/
    and Ricardo 4:15pm Pagoda
    Harrison 2-8    
ART CLUB Mrs. Bowen- Waseme Blake Wed 3:10 – 4:15 Senior Art
  Lawson   pm Room
ASTRONOMY CLUB Mrs. Baston John Shorter Friday 3 – 4pm  
  /Mrs. Smellie      
AUTOMECHANICS Ms. A. Morris   Mon 3 – 4 pm  
BOLLYWOOD DANCE Mrs. Vijay Melissa Lalah Tues 3:15 – 4:15pm Open Space in
    5-1   the Gym
BREAKFAST CLUB Mr. A. Goffe   Everday @ 7am  
C.L.C RE Dep’t Shakquille   Upstairs Library
    Notice Fri 7:30 – 8 am  
CADETS     Tues 3:15 – 4:30  
TBA     pm  
CAPOEIRA Ms. Cooke//Mr. A. Blackwood Mon/Wed  
  Edwards   3-4:30 pm  
CHESS Coach Ryan Srinivas Thur 3-4 pm Room 12
  Blackwood Malladi Team  
  (Chess Whiz   Thurs 4-5 pm  
CHORDS (Choir) Ms. Armstrong R. Hamilton Thursday 3:10 –  
    6A 4:15 pm  
COMPUTER AND Mr. Soutar J. Johnson 6A Wed 3:10 – 4:15 New Junior Lab
MEDIA CLUB     pm  
CULTURAL Mrs. Smith Jillian Lee 6B Tuesday 3:10 –  
CONNECTION     4:15pm  
  Mrs. R. Brittany Dixon Mon – Friday  
DANCE SOCIETY Henry//Mr. 6A 3:30 – 5:30  
  Wright   Juniors, Seniors,  
DEBATING SOCIETY Mr. A. Geena Munroe Mon 3:10 – 4:30  
  Goffe//Ms.   pm  
DRAMA Mr. Radcliffe D. Hayden Mon 3:10 – 4:15 Gym (padded
      pm floor)
DUKE OF EDINBURGH   Z. Williams Wed 3:10 – 4:15 Room 7
AWARD (NEW)     pm  
(ONLY UPPER        
ENGINEERING CLUB Mr. D. Henry Keion Bisland Tues 3-4 pm  
FASHION BY DESIGN Mrs. Lawson Lisa Morrison Wednesday 3:10 – Room 12
    3-6 4:15pm  
FILM MAKING CLUB Mr. Hibbert Steffani Singh Tuesday and Friday A.V. Room
FILM/MEDIA Mrs. Gardner// Damian Levy Tues/Fri 3-5 pm A.V. Room
PRODUCTION CLUB Mr. Hibbert 6B    
FLOETICS (POETRY) Mrs. Rampair Daniella Sykes Tuesday 3:10 – Pagoda
FLOWER CLUB Mrs. Marshall   Wednesday 3:10 – Room 10
      4:15 pm  
FOOTBALL FAN CLUB   Benjamin Mon 3:10 – 4:15 Room 13
    Golding 5th pm  
GIRL GUIDES Mrs. Kenny- Sheryl Reid Monday 3:10 – Room 14
  Bennett//Mrs.   4:15 pm  
GREEN GENERATION Ms. A. Brown Romario Wednesday 3:10 – Room 13
(ENVIRONMENTAL)   Bennett 6A 4:15 pm  
GOURMET CLUB   Mark Miller 4th Wednesday 3:10 – Room 8
      4:15 pm  
        Room 15
I.S.C.F. Mrs. James Hillary Hines Monday 3:10 –  
    6A 4:15 pm  
  Ms. Danielle Ashlee English   Mezzanine
INTERACT CLUB Campbell Danae Brown Friday 3:10 – 4:15 Floor (upstairs
      pm canteen)
KARATE CLUB Ms. A. Morris   Tues/Thurs  
      3-4:30 pm  
KEY CLUB Mrs. Shanice Friday 3:10 – 4:10 Science Class
  Stephenson// Hamilton pm between Labs
LEGO YUH MIND Marvin Hall   Mondays Reading Room
ROBOTICS CLUB     2:10 – 3:10pm in the Library
      3:15- 4:15 pm  
      4:15 – 5:15pm  
LIFESAVERS HEALTH   Danique Friday 3:15 – 4:15 Room 15
TEAM   Hayden 6A pm  
MATHEMATICS CLUB Ms. I Williams   Wed 3 -4 pm  
MEDICS CLUB   John Matthew Mon 3:10 – 4:15 Room 17
MODERN LANGUAGE Mrs. J. Barton Wendy Tsang Monday 3:10 – Room 10
CLUB and the   4:15 pm  
  Language Dept      
MINISTRY OUTREACH Ms. Yekini Binnie Thurs Off Campus
  Gordon//Mr.   3-5 pm  
MUSICIANS BAND Ms. Armstrong Zale Young 6B Wednesday 3:10 – Music Room
OCTAGON CLUB Mr. Phillpotts- Gustav Gordon Tuesday 3:10 – Room 13
  Brown 6B 4:15 pm  
PEER COUNSELING Guidance Leah Singh 6A Monday 3:10 – Room 16
  Department   4:15 pm  
PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Mr. Henry//Mr.   Thursday 3-4 pm  
READERS Mrs. Phillips Kelli-Lois Mon 3:10 – Room 8
ASSOCIATION   Roberts 6A 4:15 pm  
(BOOK CLUB)        
RED CROSS Mrs. Brown Rochelle Tues 3:10 – Room 9
    Knight 6B 4:15 pm  
SCHOOL MAGAZINE Ms Stewart Christina Tuesday 3:10 – Room 12
    Phillpotts- 4:15pm  
    Brown 6A    
  Mr. Campbell Romario White Wednesday 3-5 pm A.V.
SCHOOLS CHALLENGE       Room//Room 9
QUIZ CLUB        
SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. Dominic Chang Wednesday 3:10 –  
  Bennet//Mr.   4:15 pm  
SIGN LANGUAGE Mrs. Smith// Annalisa Thursday 3:10 – Room 14
CLUB C.Mathie Mudahy 4:15pm  
SIXTH FORM Ms. Jordan Wednesday 3:15 – 6B Lecture
ASSOCIATION Stewart//Mr. McKenzie 6A 4:15pm Room
STEEL ORCHESTRA Ms. Armstrong Nicholai Lutas Wednesday 3-5pm  
    Julianna   Mezanine Floor
STUDENT COUNCIL Mrs. Smellie Hitchens 6A Wednesday 3:10 – (upstairs
      4:15 pm canteen)
STUDENT VOICE Mrs. Kyra Stephen Monday 3:10 – Room 12
  Webster//Ms. 6B 4:10 pm  
TOURISM ACTION Mrs. James-      
CLUB Dobson      
UNITED Ms. Brittany Thursday 3:10 – Room 15
NATIONS CLUB Newbold//Ms. Ffrench 4:15 pm  
  Mrs. Charles   Tuesday 3:10 – Room 14
WE CARE CLUB   Kristi Charles 4:15 pm  
YOUNG Mrs. Fearon- J. Darien 5-7 Tuesday 3:10 – Room 10
ENTREPRENEURIAL Johnson and   4:15pm  
SOCIETY Business Dep’t      


BADMINTON Mr. Anderson Steffani Singh Tuesday/Thursday 3-5 Auditorium/CB
      pm A
BASKETBALL Ms. Yekini Binnie Friday 3:15-5:30 pm Basketball Court
  Barton//Mr.   Saturday 11:30 -2 pm  
CRICKET Mr. A. Goffe Omari Harris Daily from 3 pm Cricket
    6A   Field/Nets
FOOTBALL Mr. Shaniel May Monday-Thursday Football Field
(GIRLS/BOYS) Hibbert//Mr. 6A 3-5 pm  
HOCKEY Mr. Reid//Mrs. Gehvon Henry Monday-Thursday Main Field/
  Gordon 6B 3-5 pm Auditorium
LAWN TENNIS Russell Ian Bennett6A Mon – Thurs 2:30 – Tennis Court
  Academy   5:30pm Contact Russell
      Fri 2:30 – 4:30pm Academy
      Sat 9 – 11am (Fee)  
      Fri 4:30 – 5:30pm  
      Beginners Free  
      Saturday 11- 1pm (Team)  
NETBALL Mrs. Shaniel May Monday/Wednesday/ Netball Court
  Fairweather 6A Friday 3-5 pm  
RUGBY Mrs. Marvin Groves Tuesday/Thursday 3-5 BBQ Field
  Gayle//Andrew 6A pm  
SWIMMING Mr. Phillpotts-   Thursday 3-5 pm Pool
SYCHRONIZED Jessica Hylton   Monday/Thursday Pool
SWIMMING     3-5:30 pm  
TABLE TENNIS C. Mathie   Tuesday/Wednesday Auditorium
      3-5 pm  
TRACK AND FIELD Mr. Phillpotts- Shakquille Monday-Thursday Sports
  Brown//Mrs. Notice 3-5 pm Complex/Field
VOLLEYBALL Ainsley Brown Ramoine Peart Tuesday/Thursday Netball Court
    6a//Danique 3-5 pm  
    Hayden 6A    
WATER POLO   Reece March Tuesday/Thursday Pool
      3-5 pm  
WEIGHT-LIFTING   Jevonne Friday 3-5pm Gym