Since its inception only 50 years ago, Campion’s students have been awarded numerous national and international scholarships including, the Jamaican Government Scholarships, UWI Scholarships and the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships. Listed here are only a few of our scholars:

Jamaica Rhodes Scholars 1980-2011

  • 1980 – Robert Hew
  • 1981 – John Bacquie
  • 1982 – Yolande Brown
  • 1984 – Gregory Provan
  • 2000 – David Dodman
  • 2003 – Simon Morrison
  • 2004 – Keon West
  • 2005 – Ramon Arscott
  • 2006 – Nadiya Figueroa
  • 2007 – Seshauna Wheatle
  • 2008 – Michael Waul
  • 2009 – Alicia Johns
  • 2010 – David Walcott
  • 2010 – Luke Foster (Caribbean Rhodes)

Jamaica Scholars 2006-2011
  • 2006 – Jamaica Independence (Open)—Ankita Kulkarni
  • 2006 – Jamaica Independence (Male)—Robert French.
  • 2007 – Jamaica Independence (Open)—Orville Morgan
  • 2007 – Jamaica Adult Suffrage (Open)—Nhin Nhin Oo
  • 2008 – Jamaica Independence (Male)—Andrew McKain
  • 2008 – Jamaica Adult Suffrage Open—Suchelis Rhodd
  • 2008 – Jamaica Centenary (Male)—Leighton Samuels
  • 2009 – Jamaica Female—Radhe Kanneganti
  • 2009 – Jamaica Male—David Davidson
  • 2009 – Jamaica Independence (Female)—Shameka Saunders
  • 2009 – Jamaica Adult Suffrage—Anna-Kay Brown
  • 2010 – Jamaica Male—Andre Bascoe
  • 2010 – Jamaica Female—Sharlayne Waller
  • 2010 – Jamaica Independence (Open)—Shenae Cunningham
  • 2010 – Jamaica Independence (Female)—Roxanne Ffrench
  • 2010 – Jamaica Centenary (Male)—Kemar England
  • 2011 – Jamaica Male—Kpry Jaggon
  • 2011 – Jamaica Female—Brittany Bromfield
  • 2011 – Jamaica Independence (Open)—Melissa Munroe
  • 2011 – Jamaica Independence (Male)—Stefan Serju
  • 2011 – Jamaica Centenary—Peta-Gay Phillips
  • 2011 – Jamaica Adult Suffrage—Jessica Simpson

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98% of Campion College graduates matriculate to 4-year colleges or universities. 20-35% of our students choose to pursue tertiary level studies in the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States, and many have excelled at the most highly rated universities, including: Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Columbia and Vassar in the US, as well as Oxford in the UK and McGill in Canada. On average, Campion students attain a score of 1800 or above on the SAT Reasoning Test. In the sciences and at both levels of the Mathematics SAT Subject Tests our students’ scores exceed 650.
Campion’s performance in the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) examinations has been phenomenal. This has not happened by chance but as a result of the hard work of its teachers, who through careful analysis of the results each year, identify areas of weakness and develop strategies at each departmental level to address the weaknesses identified. This has resulted in a steady improvement in performance each year.

For example if we go as far back as 1997 our pass rate in the CSEC examinations ranged between 61% – 98%. Ten years later in 2007 our pass rate ranged between 90% – 100% in fourteen subjects and in 2008 92.7% -100% with seven subjects achieving a pass rate of 100% including English Language and Mathematics which is done by the entire cohort. By 2009 the percentage pass rate was between 95.7% – 100%.

The emphasis in these last few years has been less on improvement in the overall pass rate and more on improving the spread of our grades. The increased effort here has also resulted in amazing results. In 2009 alone the percentage increase in the number of students achieving a grade one varied between 11%-20% in twelve of the fifteen subjects done that year. In fact more than half of the students in each of these subjects achieved a grade one; 93.7% in the case of Information Technology, 88.2% in Mathematics, 87.2% in English Language, 81.3% in French, and 71.1% in Principles of Accounts to list the top performing subjects. In the 2010 examination for the first time we had a subject that not only had a pass rate of 100% but with 100% of the students achieving grade one – Technical Drawing.

Campion continued to do the G.C.E. Cambridge Advanced Level examinations long after most schools had changed to the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations and only started in 2003 in a few subjects. Our performance in the CAPE examinations has been even more phenomenal than the CSEC exams.

In 2006 when for the first time all lower sixth students were entered for the CAPE examinations, the upper sixth still only doing it in some subjects, Campion students were entered for 21 subject units and not only achieved a pass rate which ranged between 75% – 100% but achieved a 100% pass rate in 11 units.

Today our students do 32 subject units between lower and upper sixth. In the 2010 examinations our students achieved a pass rate which ranged between 83%-100% with a 100% pass rate in 28 of the 32 units.

Again our emphasis has been on the quality of the grades and again we are seeing improvement. The top subjects in the last examination were Biology Unit 1 with 92.5% of its students getting a grade one, 80% in French Unit 1, 77.6% in Chemistry Unit 2 and76% in Accounting Unit 2.

It is not surprising given these results that Campion College has consistently won the trophies for the top school in both the CSEC and CAPE examinations at the CXC National Awards Ceremony put on by the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools. These trophies were introduced in 2003 and Campion took the CSEC trophy from Immaculate Conception High School in 2005 and has held it since. It is noteworthy that Campion College has held the top CAPE trophy from 2003, the year when we just began to enter students for a few subjects, and have won it each year since with the exception of 2007 when we lost it to ICHS.

At the National CXC Award Ceremony Campion students each year receive innumerable awards for placing amongst the top three in the island for various CSEC and CAPE subjects. In 2008 our students took 21 of the top 3 positions in the CSEC examinations and 27 of the top 3 positions in the CAPE examinations. By the following year 2009 there was a significant increase in the number of students awarded the top 3 positions, with 35 students taking top positions in the CSEC examinations and 47 students in the CAPE examinations – an increase of 66.7% and 74%, respectively.

In 2012,of the 17 subjects done in the CSEC examinations 10 had a pass rate of 100% while in the other 7 subjects had a pass rate of over 92%! In the CAPE examinations Campionites achieved a pass rate of 100% in 26 of the 32 units done, while the pass rate in the other six units was over 86%! Campionites placed first in the island in nine subjects at CSEC and seven at CAPE. Campionites also placed in the Caribbean’s top 10 in eleven subjects at CSEC and twelve at CAPE taking home both the CSEC and the CAPE trophies for Top School in Jamaica for 2013!

A number of students have also received recognition from the Caribbean Examinations Council for being the top in the Caribbean region in various subject areas. In more recent times Raphael Sheckleford (2007) was the top performer in the Caribbean for Computer Science; Tesha Chai (2008) – Visual Arts; Kenny Huang (2009) – Information and Communication Technology; Sharlayne Waller (2010) – Natural Sciences, Andre Bascoe (2010) – Modern Languages and Aston Hamilton (2010) – Information and Communication Technology; Jonathan Lym (2011) )– Information and Communication Technology.

In addition, based on data on the 2010 CSEC and CAPE results from the Caribbean Examinations Council, Campion had more students placed in the listing of top ten performers in each subject than any other school not only in Jamaica, but also the Caribbean. Ranking of Schools based on Number of Top Ten Performers:
CSEC (total of 350)
1 Campion College – 20
2 St Joseph’s Convent (Trinidad) – 18
3 Naparima Girls’ High (Trinidad) – 16

CAPE (total of 460)
1 Campion College – 48
2 St Augustine High (Trinidad) – 31
3 St Joseph’s Convent (Trinidad) – 22