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The future of Campion looks bright indeed what with its phenomenal academic results, outstanding record in citizenship and community outreach, and its steady progress in sports’ achievements. In addition, the school’s board and administration are being proactive in establishing the Vision 2020 Campaign, which seeks to create a sustainable financial base for Campion in the period 2010-2020. Click to learn more

This Campaign has arisen from a recognition that as Principal Baston says, “Government subvention funds provide but a skeletal academic programme, very little for a co-curricular and chaplaincy programme, and absolutely nothing for the development of our plant and facilities or for the welfare of our increasing group of needy students.”

In order to ensure that Campion continues to soar, alumni, parents and the entire school family are encouraged to get involved in the Campaign. Every gift counts, but your participation and input is also very important to us. Each donation, individually and together with others, makes a difference to our students and helps ensure the success of the Vision 2020 Campaign.
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