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The Campion College Shield has a red field on it and a white cross within a white border. In the quarters thus formed, are four charges:

  • An Open Book – representing learning and knowledge, including that of St. Edmund Campion.
  • A Palm Branch – symbol of victory, especially the victory after martyrdom.
  • A Pineapple – symbol of Jamaica, which is found on Jamaica’s Coat of Arms and royal standard, on the currency and on the Coat of Arms of the Archbishop.
  • A Campion Flower – the Campion flower is pink with a red of yellow center, and it represents Campion College; it is always drawn at a 45 degree angle to signify ‘charge’ or ‘go forward’.
Encircling the base, a scroll of the field, with the device of the second.

School Motto

The Motto of the school is Fortes in Fide et Opere, which is the Latin translation for ‘Steadfast in Faith and Good Works’. It is taken basically from the Mass of Bl. Edmund Campion. The oration (collect) reads in part: “come we beseech thee to the aid of our frailty: that FIRM IN FAITH we may be able…..” and the text is taken basically from 1 Peter 5:9, “your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goes about seeking someone to devour. Resist him STEADFAST IN FAITH”.To avoid the alliteration of the f’s and to balance off faith and its companion works (cf. Gal 5:6 and James 2:14-26) the phrase ET OPERE has been added.