Hail, Campion hail!
Faith and courage will prevail
Truth, integrity, honour, liberty,
These shall never ever fail.
Shine, Campion shine!
May you ever be a sign
That within our land
We bring heart and hand,
Reaching out in love and unity.
Rise, Campion rise!
Raise your banner to the skies.
With your red and white
Leading to the height
Ever onward, upward, rise.
Sing, Campion sing!
To our island may you bring
Champions pure and bold,
Like our Saint of old,
Brave and loyal,
Hail, O Campion hail!

Written By:
Sister Mary Christine, O.S.M.
Former Principal of Sts. Peter & Paul High School for Girls & Vice-Principal of Campion College.

Music from:
Edward Elgar
“Pomp and Circumstance March”