In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Campion College in 2010, the Vision 2020 Campaign was established to create a sustainable financial base for the school in the period 2010-2020. The Campaign’s objectives include:
  • Increase the Endowment Fund to support the future development of the school and address the annual operational budget deficit. This includes rewarding teacher excellence, student support, sports development and enhanced technology.
  • Establish a Capital Projects’ Fund to respond to the pressing need for renovation of existing infrastructure and construction of new buildings. In particular, the Campaign’s priority is the construction of Jamaica’s first high school library media centre.Other high priority areas are:the renovation of the 50-year-old junior science labs; the upgrading of the sports complex; the building of a new auditorium; and the expansion of the canteen.
  • The Campaign is extremely honoured by the overwhelming generosity of Campion Hall alumnus, the Hon. Gordon Butch Stewart, O.J., and his family in providing a challenge grant for US$350,000 for the construction of the Jonathan Stewart Library, in honour of Mr. Stewart’s late son who was an alumnus of Campion College(Class of 1983).

The Campaign’s initial goal was to raise an additional US$700,000, which has been achieved thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, students and corporate friends. The construction costs for the Library are budgeted at US$700,000 and the balance of the Campaign’s funds (US$350,000) was designated for other urgent projects at the school. Chief among these projects was the renovation of three science labs and the Campaign is very grateful to:
  • Campionites Peter Bunting, MP, Chris Dehring & Senator Mark Golding for their gift of US$45,000 towards The DB&G Integrated Science Lab, which was opened on January 5, 2011.
  • The Hendrickson Family for their gift of US$75,000 towards The Hendrickson Family Physics Lab and Lecture Room, which was opened on August 19, 2011. Some ten members of the Hendrickson family have attended Campion including siblings Kevin Hendrickson, Lori-Ann Lyn and Kathy Kerr.
  • Past parents Dr and Mrs Devi Prasad V Potluri for their gift towards The Avinash Potluri Biology Lab which is named in memory of their son Avinash, a graduate of the Class of 1992. This lab was opened on September 23, 2011.

The Campaign is now in Phase 2 which has a goal of US$300,000 and will focus on the complete renovation of the last junior lab, chemistry; the upgrade of the sixth form lab; and the furnishing and equipping of the new library.


The Vision 2020 Campaign was launched for 5 main reasons:

1. With some 50% of our population coming from low- lower middle income homes, we must support ALL our students so that there is equal access to the best educational opportunities. (Many of our students do not have computers or internet access at home and cannot afford all the text books needed)
2. We must equip ALL our students to compete overseas where technology is commonplace.
3. We must give ALL our students the confidence & skills they need to prepare for the future.
4. The top school in Jamaica must have a proper library; it has not had one in 15 years.Similarly, the junior labs have not been renovated in over 50 years.
5. Campion can be an example of what education in Jamaica should be. Our plans for the campus which addresses the future of technology, will make us an example not only of academic success but also of a physical space that we as a nation can be proud of.


About Campion College:

  • Current enrolment stands at over 1400 students. 35% of all incoming students are from primary schools and, like those from preparatory schools, they are the top GSAT performers in the island.
  • Campion has been awarded the Top CSEC & Top CAPE School trophies over a number of years based on its examination results and it continues to see improvements in these results on a year to year basis, particularly in the number of students receiving the highest grades in the island and in the region.
  • Campionites have received numerous prestigious national and international scholarships over the years including 14 Rhodes Scholarships and six Jamaica Scholarships in 2011.