The Campion College Home School Association (H.S.A.) was formed by Campion’s first Headmaster Rev. Samuel Carter, S.J., who served from January 1960-4. The H.S.A.’s objectives are to:

  • Support the school’s development plan through fundraising and the provision of advice and guidance to the administration
  • Represent the parent body to the administration on matters relating to the school’s operations and performance
Campion parents, students and teachers are encouraged to get involved in activities, attend association meetings and volunteer time to the planning and execution of events that benefit the school’s on-going Vision 2020 Campaign.

We believe that by dynamic events and effective communication we will build awareness, improve participation and nurture relationships. By engaging the community’s participation we can augment the school’s fundraising, stimulate family values and heighten student experiences, whilst complimenting the school calendar.

There is also an annual membership contribution of J$500 which is required of all parents at the start of the academic year and is added to the auxiliary fee voucher provided by the school.
The Association holds its Annual General Meeting and elections in September of every year. The Officers for the 2014-5 academic year are Mr. Gareth Walker (President), Mrs. Odette Dixon-Neath (Immediate Past President), Mrs. Margot Jameson (Vice President), Mrs. Melissa Lowe (Secretary) and Dr. Paul Maragh (Treasurer). Also on the executive are members Mrs. Judy Baugh, Mrs. Terry Chin, Mrs. Andrene Chung, Mr. Max Earle, Mrs. Shelley-Anne Forte Sykes, Mrs. Gillian Haughton J.P, Mrs. Alexandra Hui, Mrs. Michele Johnson, Mrs. Jacqueline Johnson, Mrs. Alveta Knight, Mrs. Caroline Mahfood , Ms. Bertina Macaulay, Mrs. Ingrid McDonald-Walker, Mr. Patrick Medley and Mrs. Zein Nakash.

Representing the school are: Principal Mrs. Grace Baston, Vice-Principals Mr. David Henry and Mr. Lavare Henry and teachers’ representative, Ms. Suzanne Barton. Mrs. Ashley Gambrill-Rousseau also represents Campion’s Office of Development & Alumni Affairs.

Mr. Don Anderson
Mrs. Bridgette Azan
Mr. Michael Bridge
Mr. Ian Chambers
Mr. Errol Champagnie
Mr. Ronnie Chin Loy
Mr. Trevor DeLeon
Mr. John Desnoes
Mrs. Odette Dixon-Neath
Mrs. Cecile Hart
Mrs. Karlene Henry
Mrs. Marjorie Hobbs
Mr. Everard Hoo
Mrs. Julette HoSang
Ms. Janine Lyew
Mr. Derek Jones
Mr. David Mais
Mr. Norman Marks
Mr. Garth Moodie
Mr. Patrick O’Conner
Mr. Richard Powell
Mrs. Rodina Reid
Mrs. Sylvia Rennalls
Mrs. Jean Rogus
Mr. David Smith
Mr. Carl Stephenson
Mr. Hugh Thomas
Mr. Charles Williams