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Each student of Campion is presented with opportunities to achieve maximum potential,to grow intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually, to make wise decisions, and work co-operatively,in order to develop as a confident, critically-conscious and useful citizen who will shape a more just society.

Of the 167 high schools in Jamaica,Campion is one of approximately 50 schools considered to be of choice. According to the  ministry of education, Campion College is considered one of the top preferred schools for students who sit the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) every year.In terms of demand versus the number of spaces at the school, the institution is ranked number one. It is referred to as a “First Choice” school because for the past 3 decades, the students assigned to attend have scored between 95 and 100% on the GSAT, representing the top 3% of the cohort.Over 80% of those who have earned national scholarships for their outstanding examination performance are among new students each year. Campion students attend an instituion with the prestigous reputation of being top CSEC & CAPE School,producing numerous Rhodes and Jamaica Scholars, possessing several sports titles, public recognition for vibrant community service and more.

On average, Campion students attain a score of at least 1800 on the SAT Reasoning Test, whilst in the sciences and at both levels of the Mathematics SAT Subject Tests our students’ scores on average exceed 650.For both CAPE and CSEC examinations, students of Campion College rank among the top performing students in the Caribbean region. The pass rate achieved at the CSEC level ranges between 95-100%, while at the CAPE level there is a  pass rate of 100% in almost all subjects. The annual ranking of schools based on their performance in English and Mathematics on the CSEC exams has consistently shown Campion College to be the leading school in Jamaica.

Each year, students win many of the coveted scholarships from the Government of Jamaica and the private sector based on  Advanced Proficiency Examinations performance. A landmark achievement and testament to the calibre of the school is that in its 5 decades of existence, it has produced 13 Jamaican Rhodes Scholars.

Almost all Campion College graduates matriculate to 4-year colleges or universities. 20-35% of  students pursue tertiary level studies in the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States, and many have excelled at the most highly rated universities, including: Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Columbia and Vassar in the US, as well as Oxford in the UK and McGill in Canada.