Please complete the relevant application forms for transfers into First Form or Second-Fourth Form. Please note that applications and requested documents will only be accepted after the publication of GSAT results.


The Application Process

1. Collect the Application Form either from the main office or online.

2.Pay the NON-REFUNDABLE application fee (first form transfer application only). at the Bursar’s Office. Please note that forms will not be collected without proof of payment. Please note that this is just one step in seeking admission to Campion College. It does not guarantee that a place will be offered. Campion will only accept students following successful evaluation and if a place is available.

3. After the close of the application period, the Admissions Committee meets to make the final decision.

4. An email and/or telephone call is placed to each parent to advise them of the decision of the Admissions Committee.

5. Upon official acceptance of the written offer of a place at Campion, a registration fee must be paid to receive the registration package.. This fee is also NON-REFUNDABLE. It is only after the completion of the registration process that a student will be enrolled at Campion College.

6. The student/parent will be given a copy of the Campion College Handbook as part of the registration package. All parents and students are required to read and comply with the regulations of the school stipulated in the handbook.

7. An interview *may be required with the student and parent(s). Please note that part of the interview will be conducted with the student alone.

*For 2nd-4th form transfer applications only


Required Documents

1st Form Applications
  • A copy of the student’s GSAT results
  • A copy of the student’s last report
  • Completed School Reference Form from current school signed and stamped by the Principal or Vice Principal
2nd-4th Form Transfer applications
  • A copy of the student’s last two (2) reports
  • Completed School Reference Form from current school stamped and signed by the Principal or Vice Principal

Applying to College/Boarding School.