Big Brother Big Sister Social

By: Brian Kazaara & Renee King
The bell rang to signal the end of the school day on Friday September 24, 2010. On a normal evening, this would scream the end of a full day and a tiring week for the Campion College school community. Students would be seen stampeding from class to the (temporary) freedom that awaited them on the weekend. This was not the case for the first and sixth formers. For sixth formers this bell meant scampering off to meet your little brother or sister (the first time for some delinquent sixth formers).


The first form block was filled with chaos – little kids and big kids. Each upper schooler desperately searching for their little brother or sister to ask that awkward question – do you want to go to the social? An affirmative answer would send them up the pathway towards the auditorium. Here, the prefect body had organized an assortment of games and refreshments. The games included an enthusiastic game of musical chairs at the back of the auditorium, and a notably confusing game of one-two-three red-light in the center of the venue. Lastly, a well-paced and invigorating game of atom was played with students splitting and forming structure across the width of the auditorium.


The end of the games brought about the much anticipated dance competition. The rules were simple. Brothers and sisters would pair up and perform in front of a crowd, with the pairs garnering the most crowd praise moving on the next round. This brought about several memorable moments, most of which were provided by the younger siblings, who easily outshone their older counterparts. The music was handled by members of the prefect body and Campion’s very own DJ Dancer Dude. Dancers were given the opportunity to display their diversity as an eclectic selection of music ranging from pop to rap music was expertly mixed by Dance Dude and company.


With each round more and more pairs were eliminated, leaving just two who squared off for the final. It was tense. Competition was fierce. As the music began for the final sequence, the dance moves were so unique that it was deemed that both finalists deserved a share of the spoils. As a result, it was honours even and both were named winners.


They were not the only winners, however. Everyone involved in this event can consider it a personal and collective victory. Both sets of ‘siblings’ were given an excellent opportunity to get to know each better. The first formers can be proud with their fearless display of talent and great participation. The Sixth formers can also be commended for their control of the event and setting an example that the younger ones could follow in regards to conduct. The prefect body, and in particular, the senior head prefects, deserves special mention for their excellent organization and the hard work they put into the event. This all culminated to make Big Brother Big Sister Social 2010 a memorable event and one of the best yet. A promising start to the event calendar for the year of 2010/2011.