Games Day

By Monique Arnold
Every year several steps are taken to try to integrate incumbent lower and upper sixth forms. This year was no exception. On Wednesday, September 15th, one of the first calendar events of the year was held: the 6A/6B Games Day.
Games Day was truly not one to miss. A concerted effort by the senior prefects, it saw the flooding of the auditorium by upper and lower sixers alike. The turnout was splendid: even the most standoffish of sixth formers showed up to have a good time. And a good time they did have. The many games that were played, donated by patrons of both forms, varied from Kalooki to Outburst to Scrabble to Dominoes. Karaoke was also a hit of the evening. No one seemed to mind that singers were less than award-winning; rather, the crowd seemed to commend singers for even volunteering.
No one was left bored at Games Day – this seems to be the sentiment shared by many. One lower sixer responded, “Everyone seemed to have fun. Everyone was involved like a beautiful little family.” Likewise, an upperclassman responded, “Games Day was a fun interactive experience that should be done more often.”
Some of the highlights of the night included Stefan Serju and Rhondale Williams in an epic dominoes defeat by underclassmen Dennis Chung and Jenelle Walters (to which Serju responds that it was “fun to play with and get to know them; ’twas awesome to exert my dominance but was a shock losing!”) Another highlight was David Young and Graeme Welds melodic rendition of Unwritten acapela (as stated by Welds himself).The last game of the evening truly solidified the afternoon as a worthwhile one: the energetic, rowdy, hotheaded and playful game of On The River/On The Bank saw a long line of sixth formers spanning the length of the auditorium hopping for glory.
The objective of the event did not go unnoticed. According to Steven Smith of 6B “For the most part and for as long as I was there it was a fun interaction…6A put out an effort to make us feel like a family and I sensed a genuine amiable nature of most of them that were there.” Amen, brother. It seems in that short time of festivities, all of us in the 6th form building progressed from building-sharers and acquaintances, to friends.
In a few short words spoken by my friends “Games Day did shot.”