The First Rugby Tournament of the Season

Writer: Ashley Edwards
On October 22, 2010, the Campion College Boy’s Rugby Team played four intense and captivating matches in a tournament against Greater Portmore High, St. Georges High, Vauxhall High and Tarrant High Schools. Unfortunately for the members of the Campion College Rugby Team, the tournament started over an hour late around the same time their food arrived. Yet, on empty stomachs they persevered!

Rugby Team.jpg

The first match against Greater Portmore resulted in the Campion team losing with their dignity intact, thanks to a try by Joseph Kelly and an extra two points from a kick by Matthew Bartlett. Campion remained true sportsmen, however, as was displayed by our very own nurse for rugby, Cira Mollings-Puentes, who was seen attending to players on and off the field and lending materials from her own first aid kit in aid of players from Greater Portmore.
Our second match against St. George’s High School yielded a far better outcome and performance by our players as they recognized they were defeating their opponents with ease.  Tries by Shannon Harris and Eric Charles drew loud cheers from the scanty crowd of supporters who came out to watch. The third match, Campion College vs. Vauxhall High School, was well played, and resulted in a draw. This ruling left many players and spectators unhappy and geared for the next match.
Our last match was a very hard fought one, in which our Campion Dragons overpowered the Tarrant team with powerful stiff arms and cunning twists. This match included tries from our leading goal scorer Eric Charles and also Kevaun Stewart. In the end Campion won 11-0 with an extra point kick from Matthew Bartlett. This very good performance by our team has placed us in fourth place in the overall ranking. Way to go Campion!