Heritage Week

Though it was comparatively short, the History Department of Campion College managed to pull off an excitement filled Heritage/Culture week. This began on Monday, October 14th, 2013 in General Assembly and ended on Wednesday, October 16th with the Heritage Day Concert. This is one of the most anticipated days of the school year, for some, it’s a chance for students to show off their best rendition of our ancestors, while for some of the mid-term; or in other words, the real work.

Simran Motiani wearing a beautiful Sari.

Students dressed up in animated ensembles and costumes that displayed the beautifully rich mixture of important culture that made us who we are. And what is a Campion College Heritage Week without the coconut confectionaries, ackee and saltfish, limeade and ginger beer? The air was filled with jubilation and enjoyment as many had the chance to test their palette with the mouthwateringly sumptuous meals that were so masterfully created by the canteen, thanks to Ms. Osborne and her team.

Anxiety filled students entered the auditorium unsure of what to expect. The introduction to this wonderfully assembly was done by Sherica Taylor (6A). The bible readings were done by Deanna Toussaint and Risanne Cookes and a prayer by Adriel Williams.

A notable performance was done by the dance troupe who copped over 18 gold medals in this year’s Jamaica Cultural Development Commission dance competition. The Senior A Group did an African dance to ‘Kiya Kiya’ by Babatunde Olatunji; this was closely followed by the Junior A group who performed a more modern dance to ‘Made in Africa’ by Damian Marley and Nas. Next was a dub poem by Charles Young of 6B entitled ’10 Things I Want to Say to the Ivory’ followed by another poem by Rasahi Graham. Mrs. Deacon-Jones then ardently sang Redemption Song by Bob Marley; receiving wild applause, cheers and shouts of “Encore! Encore!” from the student body. Following this fantastic rendition, the student body dans “I Pledge My Heart” which was then followed by the thought of the day which was given by Melissa Bryan. The dance society performed another piece before all attendees passionately sang the national anthem.

Group Photo [Heritage Week]On Wednesday, the Young Entrepreneurial Society (YES) also sought to exude the feelings of pride for our Jamaican heritage though the use of food. YES had created the confectionary brilliance of the past by offering Jamaican sweets for those with an insatiable sweet tooth. Some of these delectable sweets were grater cakes, coconut drops, rock buns and cool limeade.

The day ended on a spectacular note with a concert that was held in the courtyard, creating a memorable end to a truly memorable day. We absolutely  hope that future Heritage Weeks at Campion College will be as enlightening as this one.

Written by Jodi Darien and David Answer.
Edited by Liam Neath