Campion College, is a co-educational Roman Catholic, Ignatian, co-educational high school located in Kingston, Jamaica. The school is known for its outstanding academic and sporting record. On January 5, 1960, with 101 first form students and a faculty of four Jesuit Fathers, the new school opened its doors and the first lessons were given that day in a pavilion and in classrooms borrowed from Campion Hall Preparatory School. Campion Hall had been founded in January 1940 when Rt. Reverend Thomas A. Emmet, S.J., D.D., was Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica and V. Reverend Thomas J. Feeney, S.J. was Superior. The prep school began on the premises of St. George’s College but moved to Roslyn Hall at 115 Old Hope Road on January 6, 1942. To make room for the growing needs of Campion College, it graduated its last class in December 1962, just as 22 years earlier it had taken in its first students to supply the needs of St. George’s College.

Patron Saint

The School is named after Saint Edmund Campion, a brilliant and celebrated Oxford scholar, priest and Jesuit martyr. He was an intrepid defender of the spiritual authority of the Holy See who died most honourably on the gallows at Tyburn on 1 December 1581. His examination and torture were the cause of numerous conversions to the Catholic faith. After being cruelly racked, it was proposed to him to hold a disputation with some of the famous Protestant divines, being allowed only to answer the objections, and not attack his adversaries. Although in a dying state, he triumphed with such success that they hastened on his death. “The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God, it cannot be withstood.” Edmund Campion


The school’s full motto is “Fortes In Fide et Opere” (Steadfast in Faith and Good Work).

Examination Results

Campion College has ranked as Top School in Jamaica based on the CSEC and CAPE examinations more times than any other school.


Since its inception, over 100 Campion students have been awarded Jamaican Government Scholarships, the highest national honour for academic achievement at the secondary level. In addition, Campionites have won 14 Rhodes Scholarships with distinction of winning in every consecutive year since 2003, and winning two in 2010-the Jamaica Rhodes and the Caribbean Rhodes Scholarships.

Notable Alumni

Campion College has produced a number of prominent members of Jamaican society including doctors, engineers, politicians, entertainers, radio and television personalities, pageant queens, Olympians, and leading businessmen and women in major Jamaican and international companies. There is a more complete list on the alumni website.

The School Song

Hail, Campion hail!
Faith and courage will prevail
Truth, integrity, honour, liberty,
These shall never ever fail.

Shine, Campion shine!
May you ever be a sign
That within our land
We bring heart and hand,
Reaching out in love and unity.

Rise, Campion rise!
Raise your banner to the skies.
With your red and white
Leading to the height
Ever onward, upward, rise.

Sing, Campion sing!
To our island may you bring
Champions pure and bold,
Like our Saint of old,
Brave and loyal,
Hail, O Campion hail!

Written By:
Sister Mary Christine, O.S.M.
Former Principal of Sts. Peter & Paul High School for Girls & Vice-Principal of Campion College.

Music from:

Edward Elgar
“Pomp and Circumstance March”

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