Club Expo 2010

Writers: Ashley Walker, Chantelle Dallas & Alexis Smith

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We all have a purpose on this beautiful earth, the thing we are destined to do which will be our own contribution to mankind. Spared the inclement weather which had threatened the event for a week, the Club Expo of 2010 implored Campionites to “Make Your Mark” and the ingenuity which flowed from this theme was vibrant and contagious. Not only did each of the forty-six participating clubs and sports add to the collage which served as the backdrop on the stage, but each also had to design its own exquisite booth. From coconut and thatch at Key Club, to models at Fashion by Design, and ballerinas at Dance Club, Campion’s auditorium was a tribute to the creative, talented, and organized students our school never fails to produce.

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The first formers, for whom the event was mainly staged, were privy to the opening ceremony. The ceremony was one hour in length and a treat really, though one of the head prefects indicated that it fell short of what was expected due to the unexpected withdrawal of the entertainment scheduled. However, the speech given by the Guest of Honour, Mikhail Jackson, past head boy and now a budding lawyer, certainly did not fall short of expectations as he echoed the theme of the programme. Proudly reminiscing on his own days at the school, the patriotic Bellarminite spoke to the incoming year about his extensive past involvement in activities and the difference it made and implored the students to join a club to which they have something to offer.

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Beyond this ceremony came the regular proceedings of the day in which the activities in Lindo Hall were at the centre of Campion’s attention – Jodi-Ann Smith, senior prefect and Master of Ceremonies, peddled the wares of different clubs, and members of various clubs walked around offering confectionery in exchange for donations. The atmosphere ‘zinged’ with the novelty of the younger ones created by exciting new clubs, the opportunity for the middle school to have class ‘field-trips’ and for the older students, the adrenaline and anxiety that coursed through them as they attempted to balance managing their clubs and not missing classes.

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In mentioning ‘zinged’, how can anyone not mention the overload of electronic equipment the auditorium had to bear? Clubs, determined to use any means necessary to attract an audience, particularly by displaying state of the art Wii, PS3, and Xbox game systems. Flashing disco balls, flat screen televisions, and televisions with games including karate, football, hockey, American football, rugby, and basketball, some not even remotely related to the club itself were also present. On the food side, Gourmet Club had displays of kebabs, wings, sandwiches with its members pleasantly decked in chef hats and smiles. Astronomy Club’s booth display was out of this world, with telescopes, graphic pictures and a wealth of information enough to attract anyone for miles, whilst Music Club jammed throughout the entire day displaying their musical prowess on several types of guitars, the piano, and a drum set.

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Campion students, new, past and present alike were not the only ones thoroughly impressed with this year’s efforts of the Head Prefects and the project coordinator Mrs. Williams- Lyn: students from Hillel Academy, on a geography field trip, were in awe and when asked what their thoughts were on the display, one in particular described it as “So awesome… it’s amazing!”

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