Whether you are from the class of 2009 or the Class of 1966 (or even our Campion Hall older brothers!), we welcome you back to Campion College.

In 50 short years, Campion has risen from obscurity to become the leading high school in Jamaica and one of the finest in the Caribbean. Some things haven’t changed over the years: the provision of a world-class education, the formation of deep and lasting friendships, and the Jesuit spiritual foundation to become “men and women of compassion, conscience and action.” Other things, however, have changed. The need for financial aid for students is far greater than before, and the school’s infrastructure is in desperate need of re-investment.

Let us come together to celebrate what this great school has done for us and for our country. More importantly, perhaps, let us re-commit ourselves to preserving the tradition of excellence that has been entrusted to us, and ensure that this legacy is shared with future generations of Campionites—the young men and women who will be the leaders and changemakers of our world…fortes in fide et opere.

Office of Development & Alumni Affairs
Campion College
Email: ccaaexec@gmail.com

Board Members

  • President – Jodi Lyn
  • President Elect – Adam Jones
  • Immed. Past President – Lisa Hogarth
  • Public Relations – Kwame Hall
  • Secretary – Sean Morgan
  • Asst. Secretary – Melissa Powell
  • Treasurer – Geoffrey Chong
  • Asst. Treasurer – Simone Barnett
  • UWI Rep – Stefan Serju
  • Board Member – Maurice Taylor
  • Board Member – Kema White
Advisory Council

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Kevin Chin-Shue

Gordon Webster

David Shields

Billy Shagoury